Car key programming in Carlisle, Cumbria

Competitive car key programming

All vehicle transponder keys are diagnostically programmed to the vehicle and this allows you to start it. It basically stops thieves from stealing your car or van. But sometimes it can stop you the owner from starting it as well.

A transponder chip can break and leave you with a non-running vehicle and this is common on Renault vehicles with the key card system. Sometimes the vehicle can simply lose its coding after a battery goes flat, common on some Vauxhall vehicles.

Lock Solid Auto Locksmiths in Carlisle, Cumbria, can replace transponders and programme them back to the vehicle in these situations getting you up and running again.

We can also programme keys that you have purchased yourselves whether from the dealer or online. If we programme keys bought online, we cannot guarantee the success of these as used keys sometimes will not work. We will always give you advice on internet keys if you give us a call first.


Key programming prices vary depending on the make of vehicle and whether you want our mobile service or you come to us. We will always quote a very competitive price that is VAT free.

Call us on 01228 498092 or 07825 711260 (24 hours) and ask for Steve.