Car key retrieval services in Carlisle, Cumbria

We are confident that we can open any vehicle

There are numerous ways to lock your keys in the car. Lock Solid Locksmiths in Carlisle, Cumbria can cover them all! The most common ways are placing the keys in the boot and shutting it by mistake.

Pressing the remote while leaving the vehicle and not realising the key is on the seat until the door is shut, and the most common of course is the vehicle self-locking even with the keys in the ignition. Lots of vehicles can do this but it is especially commonplace on VW group vehicles inc Audi, Skoda and Seat.

Most newer vehicles will deadlock which means putting opening devices through the door simply will not work.

Locksolid Auto locksmiths specialise in using the very latest equipment to gain entry quickly and without any damage.

We can pick the lock or obtain a keycode and cut a key on site to retrieve your car or van keys.


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