Mobile Vehicle Diagnostics in Carlisle, Cumbria

Vehicle Diagnostics in Carlisle

A car or van not starting can be down to many reasons and if it’s the immobiliser then we can help. Most vehicles will have an immobiliser light on the dashboard which will normally flash if the immobiliser is faulty.

Sometimes the immobiliser fault can be caused by battery voltage or faulty wiring or the aerial which reads the key being faulty.

Lock Solid Auto Locksmiths in Carlisle, Cumbria can test the vehicle for any fault codes as well as checking whether the actual keys are still working correctly.

We have access to the very latest diagnostic software including dealer tools for most makes of vehicles. Please be aware that we can diagnose the fault but if it’s not key related then you may need an Auto electrician or a mechanic and we can certainly recommend people we use.

Our standard charge for this service is £45.00 but this price may vary depending on distance or if any parts are required. If we travel to the job and the vehicle will not communicate due to a faulty ECU our charge is still applicable.

Call us on 01228 498092 or 07825 711260 and ask for Steve.